Mar 30th, 2021 Rudy Gram Pumps And Pounds Alfonso Osnaya

The minute Rudy Gram hops on the bed in the Raw Alpha Males fuck room, he’s peeling off his gray tank top and has a smirk on his face that tells his bottom, Alfonso Osnaya, that he’s ready for action. He quickly unzips his shorts next, and because he doesn’t wear underwear, his fat Italian cock bounces out ready for service. Alfonso Osnaya has sharp and refined features, making him a beautiful little bitch to turn into a whore in bed. That’s exactly what Rudy does, too. Alfonso flirted with Rudy Gram for some time, and when the time is right, he proposed some sex caught on four different camera, completely unedited. Rudy is a total exhibitionist, so he’s more than happy to lay Alfonso down on his flat stomach and pump his ass bareback. Every defined muscle in Rudy Gram’s body flexes as he does so!

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Rudy Gram Pumps And Pounds Alfonso Osnaya
Rudy Gram Pumps And Pounds Alfonso Osnaya
Rudy Gram Pumps And Pounds Alfonso Osnaya
Rudy Gram Pumps And Pounds Alfonso Osnaya


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One comment on “Rudy Gram Pumps And Pounds Alfonso Osnaya

  1. MDindon    

    You should have someone do a merged version of the four cameras. Don’t change or cut things but compile the images in sequence so the better images can be viewed in one sitting. Still make the original footage available for those interested in that, but I’m not interested in watching several different camera versions of the same action, especially when so many of those images are dim, distant, and badly composed.

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