Jun 30th, 2021 Pol Prince Rocks Dante Lauro’s World

When Pol Prince was hanging out by the pool at his buddy’s mansion in Mexico, he shared the space with Dante Lauro, who could not keep his eyes off of Pol. As he usually does, Pol Prince was sunning himself in a speedo, giving him his signature tan lines, which is a huge turn on for Dante Lauro. When Pol notices Dante’s interest, he gestures for him to follow as Pol makes his way into the house. Where he’s really going is the Raw Alpha Males fuck room, and he takes off his speedo so Dante can see the results of tanning with his Speedo on. Dante Lauro is so turned on by Pol Prince that he immediately turns submissive and gives his top’s cock all of the attention it requires.

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Pol Prince Rocks Dante Lauro’s World
Pol Prince Rocks Dante Lauro’s World
Pol Prince Rocks Dante Lauro’s World


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