Feb 1st, 2023 Dom King Pounds Oliver Hunt

Oliver Hunt is not ashamed at all about the amount of dick he’s taken in the Raw Alpha Males fuck room. He’s young, handsome, in awesome shape, and has a sex drive that never quits. He loves riding a big cock and pleasing all of the alpha males that he encounters. But he’s never met someone quite like Dom King. Dom is a very handsome guy and has a huge body constructed of hulking muscles. If that was not enough, Dom King has a huge cock between his legs, and as his name implies, he sure knows how to use it when fucking a submissive and eager bottom. Dom King is barely out of his shorts before Oliver Hunt starts sucking his cock and worshiping his feet. And with Oliver Hunt on all fours, Dom King breeds and fucks his ass, making the bottom his obedient bitch!

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Dom King Pounds Oliver Hunt
Dom King Pounds Oliver Hunt
Dom King Pounds Oliver Hunt


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